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jaimi cyrus

be your best



Keynote presentations to engage, inspire, and enlighten at business events


Customized content development & delivery of leadership & skills enhancement sessions and programs 


Business consulting in areas of strategic & sales management, leadership effectiveness, intercultural- and change management


Inspirational speaking and design planning for energizing meetings


Professional faciltiation of your important events and meetings

Health coaching and Personal training to promote health, elevate performance and well-being


Series of customized keynote presentations focused on Transformation, for channel partner and sales force summits


Multi-semester university curriculum in intercultural management

Customized presentation and workshop development and delivery: global collaboration and working well across cultures

Content creation and delivery: Resilience, Transformation, Cultivating a Mindset of Success, Leadership Styles for Today's World, Hacking Habits, Managing Personal Energy, the Challenge of Change


Facilitation of business partner and internal meetings / workshops


Presentation and facilitation of sessions and workshops covering:

Transformation, Leading Through Uncertainty, Neuroscience of Storytelling, Effective Storytelling and Global Collaboration, Decision Making and Leading Teams in VUCA environments

Channel sales strategy & sales coverage planning for the successful integration of two leading companies in the printing industry


Life is short, make the most of it. 

This is the motto that has driven the creation of Pinnacle by jaimi cyrus, and indeed has underscored the journey of arriving at this point.  A seasoned and successful executive, Jaimi took leave of the corporate world in 2012 to pursue her passions and continue learning.  While travelling and climbing mountains, she was regularly faced with challenges not so unlike those in the business world - albeit in a very different setting and environment.  Long convinced these experiences would benefit those in the corporate scene, she enthusiastically embraced the opportunity to initially contract with an existing consulting agency, and now provides independent consulting and facilitation services. 


Building off her adventure and business experiences, incorporating knowledge in the areas of cultural understanding, coaching and applied neuroscience, Jaimi revels in delivering compelling and motivating leadership development experiences.  Now a business owner, university-level instructor, and Health Coach, Jaimi can help you and your organization take the next step in reaching peak performance.  So you can be your best.  


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Jaimi Cyrus

Tel: +49 (0) 176 634 25960

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